Monday, March 19, 2007

Still they don't want Condoms in Prison!!!!

Face it, men in prison will be having sex with other men, Condoms need to be handed out. these damn faith based groups need to keep their fucking mouths shut and stay the hell out. we all know this abstinence shit does work. having sex is just like breathing and eating. We don't need to be taught how to do it.


The debate is controversial for a few reasons. Most apparent are the reasons that faith based groups have, which is their on message mantra that first ascribes to abstinence only. Handing out condoms, they believe, would also encourage homosexuality. This is to be expected, as this debate has been going on for years. The second issue is that of sexually activity in prisons. Sexual contact is prohibited inside prison walls and legislators along with some at the prison facilities believe handing out condoms would encourage sexual contact.

Sexual activity is going to occur regardless of whether or not it is prohibited, 1 percent of inmates are raped and while a perpetrator may not use a condom it is pretty irresponsible to restrict access to condoms. Rev. Doris Green, director of community affairs for the AIDS Foundation of Chicago is pushing hard for the bill. She explains to the Trib that she is concerned for the African American community, which accounts for half of the nationwide case of HIV/AIDS. As she explains, "It's about more than just the prisoners." As the men are released they may pass along the infection to family or someone else.


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