Sunday, March 11, 2007

More Hate in the Name of the Bible

They say "No gays."
Keith Lubow / Courier

Demonstrators Seek to Convert Homosexuals

Demonstrators from the anti-gay group Repent America showed up at PCC on Wednesday to "spread the word of God," but they encountered stiff resistance from a number of students, many of whom belonged to the Rainbow Student Alliance.

"This is an outright attack," said student Mitch Zeider. "These people are not spreading love, they are spreading hatred."

Repent America member Jim Deferio, however, thought otherwise. "People that argue against what we have to preach are usually just trying to get something off their chest," he said. "We're here to spread the word of our lord and savior Jesus Christ, but these people seem more interested in attacking us. We don't use the language they use, and, when they hit us, we don't hit them back."

Student Bee Lupia, who was one of the more vocal protesters, seemed pleased that the group was on campus. "These guys are doing nothing more than harrassing students," she said. "I'm happy that they're out here, though, because many gays are extremely offended and they are letting these people know exactly how they feel."

According to Deferio, PCC was not singled out. "We go on college campuses all around the southland and try to make these people understand what it is we're trying to preach."

In addition to alienating homosexuals, the group also spoke out against murderers/babykillers, moneygrubbers, and "mouthy women."

"I feel that these people are condemning everyone," said Annie Bohnstedt. "It seems that Everyone is on their list."

"This is the typical response we get wherever we go," said Repent America member Paul Johnson.

"I'm sad that we're acting this way, because it's all out of defense," said Zeider. "We don't deserve to be treated like this."


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