Saturday, February 17, 2007

The Dangers of Default Passwords

Stroll through any neighborhood with an open laptop in hand and you will probably notice your machine automatically connecting to various wireless Internet routers that local residents have set up. If you are given a connection that allows you to surf the Web, chances are very good that you can also assume control over the same network that gave you the access.

In my experience, few people who operate wide-open wireless networks -- those unprotected by even the simplest encryption technology -- ever bother to change the default user name and password needed to reconfigure the router. Perhaps consumers who operate open networks aren't terribly worried about their neighbors "sniffing" the ambient wireless airwaves for passwords and other sensitive data. But it may be that a person running a router under the default factory settings has more to fear from a malicious Web site than a local interloper.

Researchers at Symantec Corp. have devised a series of "proof-of-concept" exploits that show how an Internet user running any one of several name-brand, $50 - $100 routers under the default factory settings could be in a world of trouble in a very short time, just by browsing to a malicious Web site. One of the easiest ways to commandeer a factory-set wireless router remotely is through the use of Javascript, a powerful Web programming language that makes it easy for Web sites to monkey with or otherwise manipulate a computer's settings.

For example, a nasty site could use Javascript to change the default settings on a router so that anytime the victim tries to visit a bank Web site he or she is silently redirected to a counterfeit site set up to steal online banking credentials (this is a type of phishing attack known as "pharming.") Or, the attackers could poke holes in the router's built-in firewall to allow certain types of traffic to slip through.

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Here is my two cents of this matter, I personally feel that these anti-virus, firewall and other type software makers make these virus that are roaming the net. Have you ever wonder that all those virus that they have fixes for seen to come very fast, like with in hours after a new virus as hit the net, then there are those that there are no fix for, those I feel are the work of true hackers.

I feel that they companies make and these virus so you will buy there software.

this is my two cents worth

Football Anyone????

Now in my High School days, we might had three guys like this. the other were more like bear and so on.

I know that if we had more like this guy, i'm sure we would had a higher turn out at the games.....

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

WTF Was He Thinking

Why get a tatoo on your ass, I mean you know its going ot hurt for awhile and each time you sit you are going to feel it...

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Some Interest from the net (Let me get this Str8)

Howard_1"If I were running al Qaeda in Iraq, I would put a circle around March 2008, and pray, as many times as possible, for a victory not only for Obama, but also for the Democrats," stated Australian premier John Howard. No offense to our many Aussie readers but your premier is a DUMB-ASS BUSH WHORE-BOY! No seated government, other than in 2004 when Putin endorsed his then buddy George W. over John Kerry, has ever made such outlandish biased remarks against US Senator Barack Obama and the Democratic party. The Australian premier whose country has a "colorful" history, founded as a British penal colony, has herself a a record of discrimination against migration of minorities and person of of ethnic backgrounds, and genocide against the indigenous Aboriginal people. Wait, did he actually say that Americans and their allies should "stay the course" in Iraq? For a country that has contributed less than 1, 500 soldiers severing in non-combative assignments with the Coalition forces in Afghanistan and Iraq we're of the firm belief that this bastard who has the audacity to criticize an established American political party and politician, should be punished - cut off foreign aide NANCY. Unless of course his government will send additional troops and money to the efforts - shut the fuck -up Johnny whore-boy. The last time we checked and the American people are unanimous in this, La république est sovereign monsieur. We reserve the right to expand on this post should events on the ground change. George W. Bush is a confirmed moron and John Howard is his new bitch slut-boy in-waiting we suppose replacing Tony Blair. Load the choppers (Helicopters), plan the parade, bring our soldiers home now. (Author is a lifelong American Republican Party Member.) Stay tuned.

Monday, February 12, 2007

What is in a Word?

Is a word just a word or a weapon?

For the last few weeks there as been a lot of talk about the F word, no THE F word but the other one that we all have been call sometime in our lives. The Word in question is FAGGOT, or the short version FAG. Some have asked if the F word is the new N word...

Like the N word the F word is used by both. It’s used by fellow F’ers and those whom don’t like us. In the same text as the N word. The meaning of the word Nigger is as follow:

Today, the implied racism of the term is so strong that the use of nigger in most situations is a social taboo in English-speaking countries. Many American magazines and newspapers will not even print the word in full, instead using n*gg*r, n**ger, n——, or simply "the N-word." However, some African Americans use the word as a term of endearment and familiarity (see nigga, hip hop culture).

Like other racism words that had die out or used very little in today worlds, the N word is mostly kept alive by those who hate it the most.

The Gay and Lesbian community, use the F-word just as much, we also used bitch, queen, slut and a few others. Yet we don’t like for Str* people to call use those words, just like African Americans don’t like for whites to them nigger’s, but it’s ok for other blacks to call other black’s nigger.

I personally will say that I have used both words in friendly passing and when I was pissed. I have met some that claim that they have never call an African American a nigger. I can only suggest that both words shouldn’t be used at all. Then in time those words would lose their power.

Just like what Mo'Nique said about the word bitch, we give that word so much power that we are willing to leave a relationships, and friendships.

On the lighter side what about the word wigger: Wigger (alternatively spelled wigga or whigger or whigga) is a slang term that refers to a white person who emulates mannerisms, slangs and fashions stereo typically associated with urban African Americans; especially in relation to hip hop culture.

The term is a portmanteau combining the words white and nigger, and it has been used in a derogatory manner. The term wigger is generally used to describe a young, white mimicker of certain affectations of hip hop and thug culture. The word is considered offensive by some because of its similarity to nigger, and because it reflects stereotypical notions about urban blacks.

I wonder how in today’s world this word would be used and the effects it would have on people.

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