Monday, February 12, 2007

What is in a Word?

Is a word just a word or a weapon?

For the last few weeks there as been a lot of talk about the F word, no THE F word but the other one that we all have been call sometime in our lives. The Word in question is FAGGOT, or the short version FAG. Some have asked if the F word is the new N word...

Like the N word the F word is used by both. It’s used by fellow F’ers and those whom don’t like us. In the same text as the N word. The meaning of the word Nigger is as follow:

Today, the implied racism of the term is so strong that the use of nigger in most situations is a social taboo in English-speaking countries. Many American magazines and newspapers will not even print the word in full, instead using n*gg*r, n**ger, n——, or simply "the N-word." However, some African Americans use the word as a term of endearment and familiarity (see nigga, hip hop culture).

Like other racism words that had die out or used very little in today worlds, the N word is mostly kept alive by those who hate it the most.

The Gay and Lesbian community, use the F-word just as much, we also used bitch, queen, slut and a few others. Yet we don’t like for Str* people to call use those words, just like African Americans don’t like for whites to them nigger’s, but it’s ok for other blacks to call other black’s nigger.

I personally will say that I have used both words in friendly passing and when I was pissed. I have met some that claim that they have never call an African American a nigger. I can only suggest that both words shouldn’t be used at all. Then in time those words would lose their power.

Just like what Mo'Nique said about the word bitch, we give that word so much power that we are willing to leave a relationships, and friendships.

On the lighter side what about the word wigger: Wigger (alternatively spelled wigga or whigger or whigga) is a slang term that refers to a white person who emulates mannerisms, slangs and fashions stereo typically associated with urban African Americans; especially in relation to hip hop culture.

The term is a portmanteau combining the words white and nigger, and it has been used in a derogatory manner. The term wigger is generally used to describe a young, white mimicker of certain affectations of hip hop and thug culture. The word is considered offensive by some because of its similarity to nigger, and because it reflects stereotypical notions about urban blacks.

I wonder how in today’s world this word would be used and the effects it would have on people.


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