Saturday, October 07, 2006

Todays News

Well today is abit sad and lonely. It rain here last nite and now it wet and cold. I'm stuck in the house with nothing else to do but surf the web.

All house work was done last nite, a nice big pot of chicken stew was fixed last night as well. I guess that will be my lunch today.

I see that Mark Foley sex scandal is really getting out of hand. I know that if it was any one else the FBI or Local law enforcement officials would have arrest them by now. I sit here and think of all the under age boy/guy that wanted to chat with me in the yahoo, aol chatroom that I turn away. I wonder how many have been cops. i remember this one kid who tried to get me to view his web cam, in one the user chat room on yahoo, which are no longer. I ask him why he wanted me to view his cam. He ever did give me an answer. I sure he was a cop.

I see the BGB is now offering blogging services... I might have to check in to this a bit more.

I received my new copy of Instinct in mail. MMMM love the cover. I would love to do all three of them at once.

They have this Spotted Section which I love.
let see who was spottted..

  • Luara Bush- like i could care what she is up too.
  • Liza-always happen to see her out and about
  • Janice Dickinson-some will always fight ot the death to stay in the main light
  • Sharon Stone-WTF not bever shot. I guess that it is aging faster then her face
  • Judy Gold-one funny lady
  • Jennifer Tilly-looking good.....
  • Julie Newmar-Meow, still looking great.
  • Jorge Grarica-from Lost-ok, i have nothing agaisnt big guys, but come on now, he lost on a island with very limit amount of food, in tv-land and real life he would need to lose some weight.
  • Carson Kressley- I won't even go there
  • Megan Mullally-looking good girl, you rock
yes there are those hot young men from parties pictured as well..

Check it out for you self...


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